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Is the sweetener in XyliMelts safe for my teeth?

OraCoat® XyliMelts ® slowly release a great tasting, all natural sweetener, called xylitol, in combination with an oral lubricant to relieve dry mouth (xerostomia) and combat bad breath (halitosis). However, unlike other natural or synthetic sweeteners, xylitol is actively beneficial for dental health by helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay and freshen breath by almost 30 percent in regular users.

How do I apply XyliMelts?

XyliMelts should be placed on the gums on the outside of a molar, upper or lower, with the white side touching your check and the tan (adhesive side) against your gums. After application, do not move the XyliMelts disc for 10 seconds to ensure it is fully adhered to the gum. You can also reference this short slide presentation for a visual breakdown of how to place XyliMelts in the mouth--How Place XyliMelts in the Mouth (PowerPoint).

Where can I find XyliMelts?

XyliMelts for dry mouth can be found at the following retail locations:

Canadian customers can find it online at X-pur. European customers can find it online at the oracoat.eu website, and South African customers can find it online at Wantitall.

For more information on where you can buy XyliMelts, please see our Where to Buy page.

Do you offer samples of your XyliMelts or Renewing Melts (HB-12 Melts)® discs?

Consumers can order a 12 disc sample of XyliMelts for Dry Mouth for $3.20 

A 4 disc sample of Renewing Melts (HB-12 Melts) can be ordered for $3.20. Healthcare professionals should call 877-672-6541 to inquire about patient samples.

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How often can I use the XyliMelts or Renewing Melts (HB-12 Melts)?

XyliMelts can be used as needed to relieve dry mouth. If their systems are not used to it, some people find that they have gut discomfort when they ingest more than about 5,000 mg of xylitol in a short period of time. Each XyliMelts disc contains 550 mg of xylitol, so don’t use more than 10 on your first day.

Renewing Melts (HB-12 Melts) can be used as needed. The only risk is acne in a very small number of people when they use more than 5 in one day.

Are XyliMelts safe to use in combination with other medications?


Are the XyliMelts safe to use overnight? (Do I need to worry about choking?)

Yes. For use while sleeping, adhere the disc at the gum line on the outside of a molar, upper or lower, with the white side touching your cheek and the tan adhesive side against your gums and/or teeth. Do not adhere it to the roof of your mouth where your might pry it loose with your tongue in your sleep.

Will the adhesive used in XyliMelts discs affect my gums?

A small number of people are sensitive to the acacia adhesive used in XyliMelts and may develop a mild gum irritation after continued use. If you find that you are sensitive to the acacia adhesive, we offer an acacia-free version of XyliMelts.

Is xylitol harmful to dogs and other pets?

Do not give xylitol to dogs or other pets. Dogs and other pets have different metabolisms than humans and ingestion of xylitol can be harmful to animals.