Sample of ExerMelts

Sample of ExerMelts

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ExerMelts are a unique solution for dry mouth caused by exercise.

ExerMelts are an OraMelts™ adhering disc that slowly dissolves, releasing sugar for energy, electrolytes to replace those lost from sweating, an oral lubricant to coat the mouth, and flavor to stimulate saliva. ExerMelts keep your mouth comfortable for hours while you exercise. Adhering disc technology means you can safely use ExerMelts while you exercise. ExerMelts also freshen breath!

  • strong sweet cinnamon flavor for maximum saliva
  • relieves dry mouth while exercising
  • releases sugar for energy
  • replaces electrolytes lost from sweating
  • tastes great
  • freshens breath

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$3.20 for 12 discs

ExerMelts Directions For Use

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