XyliMelts for Dry Mouth

"XyliMelts is best product I have used."

- Julia S.

XyliMelts have helped thousands of people get temporary relief for their Dry Mouth symptoms.* This revolutionary Dry Mouth treatment features:

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe For Use During Sleep
  • Xylitol (Helps Fight Bad Breath)
  • Regular & Mint Free Flavors Available

Suffering from Dry Mouth?

Find relief with XyliMelts!

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"Can't say enough about these little things that have been a life-changer for me."

- J.D.


XyliMelts have the added benefit of not only soothing Dry Mouth, but also freshen breath. XyliMelts contain Xylitol—an all natural sweetener that cannot be processed by harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque, tooth decay and gum disease. Xylitol is also safe for Diabetics to use, as it does not cause spikes in blood glucose levels.


"I started using a [CPAP] machine in February and XyliMelts has been no less than a miracle…I can now sleep ALL night without waking up due to dry mouth."

- Susan P.


Because XyliMelts can be used safely while sleeping, they are a perfect solution for CPAP machine users. Thousands of sleep apnea sufferers who want a quality night’s rest without the dry mouth highly recommend XyliMelts as a safe, effective treatment.

A Dry Mouth treatment

that works while you sleep!

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