Find out what your colleagues are saying about XyliMelts®for Dry Mouth

Honest, sincere opinions and testimonials as told by those who are experiencing the value of OraCoat oral care products.

Cathy Tomlinson Wood, RDH
Troy, MI

“I have recommended XyliMelts for my patients since they came out some years ago. I have yet to find a patient that did not experience relief from overnight dry mouth. These patients had xerostomia symptoms caused by chemotherapy, Sjögren’s, medication-induced, mouth-breathing, and probably other unknown causes. Each one of them got relief.”

“I have recommended XyliMelts to many of my patients with dry mouth issues. All that tried them had positive feedback. The tablets allowed them longer sleep nights and upon awakening they did not feel as dry as when not using XyliMelts.”

Robert Resnick, DDS
Stratford, CT

“I recently was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Even though my CPAP had a humidifier attached, I still suffered from dry mouth during the night. It was very unpleasant when I woke up. As soon as I started using XyliMelts the dry mouth disappeared. I recommend XyliMelts to any patient that complains about dry mouth.”

Dr. Louis Seiden
Cinnaminson, NJ
“I love XyliMelts for my oral cancer survivors!”
- Dr. James Snow New Castle, PA

“We have been strongly recommending XyliMelts to our patients for a while now. We were recommending a different product, but it didn’t work well for all of our patients. We have had a much broader in preventing and treating dry mouth in our patients with XyliMelts.”

Emily Hoffmann, ApT. Coord.
Surfside Beach, SC