Burning Mouth Syndrome: Dry Mouth Symptom Treatments

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Burning Mouth Syndrome is a chronic disorder symptomized by a recurrent burning sensation in the mouth. The causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome are varied and the discomfort may affect different areas of your mouth, including your lips, tongue, the roof of your mouth, or even your entire mouth. Many sufferers of Burning Mouth Syndrome sometimes report that they feel as if they scalded their mouth with something hot.

Causation Not Always Clear

While the symptoms are often obvious, the cause is usually not so clear and often cannot be determined. So the sufferer of this disorder focuses more on dealing with the disorder and finding relief from the symptoms, rather than finding the cause.

However, in cases where a more severe underlying illness may be the cause, it is important to take steps to investigate this to rule out disorders such as oral cancer, diabetes, or other serious disorders.

Other Names For Burning Mouth Syndrome

Sometimes Burning Mouth Syndrome is known by other names, including: Scalded Mouth Syndrome, Stomatodynia, Burning Tongue, and Glossodynia. But all of these terms refer to an overwhelming burning sensation in the mouth, tongue, or other areas of the mouth. Along with the burning sensation, there is often a feeling of dry mouth as well. Some of these symptoms can be aggravated by drugs which create a sensation of dry mouth. No matter what name is used, it causes severe discomfort in people who suffer from the disorder.

Treatment Options

There are several different treatment options for Burning Mouth Syndrome, including discontinuing any drug which may be contributing to the effect of the disorder and substituting a different medication for the patient, working on increasing the production of saliva flow to decrease symptoms, and drugs which are specifically designed to treat Burning Mouth symptoms.

Xylimelts For Dry Mouth

One option which many have found helpful for dry mouth and Burning Mouth Syndrome is using XyliMelts for Dry Mouth. XyliMelts for Dry Mouth are all-natural, oral-adhering discs that coat, soothe, and lubricate the mouth. Because they adhere, patients can use them while they sleep. .. A study in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene found that the use of XyliMelts discs at night while sleeping significantly improved perceived oral wetness upon awakening. Many report relief from using XyliMelts discs overnight or during the day.

Home Remedies

In addition to the pharmaceutical remedies, there are also some home remedies and lifestyle changes which may prove effective in treating Burning Mouth and Dry Mouth.

  1. Drink more fluids to increase the level of hydration in the body.
  2. Avoid alcohol and tobacco which can increase the level of irritation in the mouth.
  3. Avoid spicy or hot foods, which can increase the sensation of burning in the mouth.
  4. Avoid acidic foods and liquids such as orange juice, tomatoes, and those high in citric acid.
  5. Reduce stress levels as this can sometimes aggravate the condition.
  6. Use flavor-free toothpaste.

If none of these home remedies or lifestyle changes seem to help, it is advisable to visit with your primary care physician, dentist or pharmacist and discuss options in treatments for your Burning or Dry Mouth condition. They may be able to offer advice on which treatment plan is right for you and lessen or eliminate your symptoms.

Other Information/Disclaimer

This site is not meant to offer medical advice, but only to give general information on the various causes, symptoms, and treatments available for Dry Mouth. It is important that you consult with your doctor, in order to find out what is causing your Dry Mouth, and discuss a reliable form of treatment for your Dry Mouth condition. We hope this information will prove helpful to you in seeking relief from Dry Mouth due to Burning Mouth Syndrome.